Ramya Challa

Student, Researcher, Roboticist

A medium brown skinned woman wearing a royal blue hoodie and a black hat with her arms out and looking upward in a questionable manner, mimicking a pose in the art piece directly behind her.

I am a graduate student under Prof. Naomi Fitter in the SHARE Lab at Oregon State University where I work on assistive robots for older adults. I have previously worked with Prof. Heather Knight on expressive arm motion and Dr. Cristina Wilson on robot operator trust and confidence here at OSU. My undergrad was at the University of Washington where I worked under Prof. Siddhartha Srinivasa on assistive feeding.


Nov 17, 2023 Gave talk at Cornell Robot Feeding Retreat
Aug 30, 2023 First paper accepted to CoRL!
Sep 11, 2022 Moved to Corvallis to start grad school at Oregon State University
Jun 11, 2022 Graduated from University of Washington with a BS in Computer Science

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  1. CoRL
    Towards General Single-Utensil Food Acquisition with Human-Informed Actions
    Liquid error: comparison of Integer with String failedEthan Kroll Gordon, Amal Nanavati, Ramya Challa, Bernie Hao Zhu, Taylor Annette Kessler Faulkner, and Siddhartha Srinivasa
    In 7th Annual Conference on Robot Learning, 2023